May Raffle Winner Walks Away With a Water Flosser

We would like to congratulate our May Raffle Winner, Peter! We hope you enjoy your Waterpik! How to Floss with a Water Flosser by Waterpik  

April Raffle Winner Walks Away With a Water Flosser

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Our favorite patient Frank was the raffle winner for last month. Please follow us and like the page to win next month. Frank walked away with a brand new water flosser by Waterpik. If you’re not a fan of the traditional way of flossing, a water... Read more »

Mayor of Waterbury

That’s right, even former Mayor of Waterbury (Mike Jarjura) pays a visit to the dentist to have his teeth polished. Mike Jarijura visited Ace Dental in Waterbury for his annual cleaning. It’s safe to say the former Mayor of Waterbury has been brushing and flossing twice a day. About Mike... Read more »

Root Canal

Dr. Desai at Ace Dental Waterbury has been providing quality care to patients for years, so there’s no reason you should be afraid of a root canal. Over the years, “root canal” has become a scary term for many dental patients to hear, but fortunately, the improvements of the procedure... Read more »