Are you looking for dental restorations or teeth whitening that can give you the best look possible? At Ace Dental Associates, we don’t use old-fashioned technology or guesswork, instead our dentists will make use of the VITA Easyshade® in Waterbury, Connecticut to give you the brilliant smile that you deserve. This tool is called a digital spectrophotometer and it allows Dr. Kanwarpal Singh and Dr. Vipasha Desai to quickly and accurately determine the shade of your teeth and the shade of ceramic restorations.

The VITA Easyshade really changes the game in technology with its reliable analysis that is unaffected by ambient conditions. This in turn allow us to really give you the smile you want because we can give you dental restorations like crowns, fillings, dentures or implants that really match your smile.

This cool technology also aids us in giving you the best teeth whitening treatments that we can provide. You get the shade of smile that you want with our help. If you are looking for dental services from our dentists, or if you are interested in learning more about how we use the VITA Easyshade with our treatments, then call us today at 203-753-9503. We look forward to hearing from you!